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  • Pain points and future development suggestions of waste plastic recycling



    Shaobin Ma, deputy to China's National People's Congress, once again raised the issue of waste recycling. China should orderly promote the legislation of waste classification and truly achieve the reduction, harmlessness and resource utilization of waste. From the development of the recycled plastics market to now, recycling waste plastics has always been the "pain point" of the development of the recycled plastics industry. Since 2019, the state has paid special attention to the localized recycling of waste plastics, such as the implementation of a waste classification policy in Shanghai in July 2019, the formulation of domestic waste classification regulations in Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and other cities, and the establishment of sorting and processing centers guided by policies and based on recycling sites, taking the cluster sorting center and processing center as the node to form a waste plastic recycling, processing and utilization network and industrial chain.

    Based on the above landing plans, but in terms of the current market situation, there are still the following prominent problems: first, the implementation of waste classification and recycling is insufficient. Second, there are fewer and fewer waste plastic recycling practitioners.

    To truly realize the recycling of waste, we need to improve the quality of urban ecological environment at the core, ensure people's health as the starting point, meet the people's growing demand for a better life as the fundamental purpose, focus on waste reduction, recycling and harmlessness, make up for the strengths and weaknesses, and strive to solve the outstanding problems existing in waste classification and treatment facilities.

    Ø  Improve the waste classification, transportation and collection system.

    Ø  Accelerate the construction of incineration treatment facilities.

    Ø  Promote the planning of an environmental infrastructure system.


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