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    20th June 2022

    0.42kg wet waste +0.60kg dry waste per capita per day -- some information from the analysis of MSW data in Shanghai in 2021

    26th May 2022

    From "Waste-Free City" to "Waste-Free Society"— Expert Opinion from Academician Du Xiangwan, China

    21st May 2022

    2022 WtERT Asia Meeting successfully held online

    17th May 2022

    Call for participants 6th International Training Workshop of Waste to Energy

    3rd May 2022

    Sanfeng Covanta Company signs a contract for a waste incineration power generation project in Hanoi, Vietnam

    5th April 2022

    Four categories of pollutants are defined as new pollutants

    29th March 2022

    Pain points and future development suggestions of waste plastic recycling

    16th March 2022

    Concern: Sludge has become the focus of the Two Sessions. According to the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, the central budget will be arranged to support the issue

    2nd March 2022

    Congratulations! Prof. Mika has been elected as a chairperson of the International Standardization Task Committee 300 (ISO/TC 300) Solid recovered materials

    28th February 2022

    The Ministry of ecology and environment officially issued a document to include

    12th February 2022

    National Development and Reform Commission and other four departments fully implement the MSW charging system

    29th January 2022

    Six new trends of MSW incineration in China

    10th January 2022


    29th December 2021

    International Training Workshop of Waste to Energy workshops are high-valued by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China

    9th December 2021

    Lectures entitled “Sustainable Biowaste Management and Waste to Energy in Developing Countries” and “Plastic and Microplastics: Issues, Challenges, and Initiatives” by Prof. Agamutu Pariatamby

    25th November 2021

    Calls for intergovernmental cooperation programmes between China and different countries

    13th November 2021

    DIOXIN2021 held successfully in Tianjin, China

    8th November 2021

    Automatic monitoring data disclosure platform for MSW incineration power plants in China

    27th October 2021

    The 5th International Training Workshop of Waste to Energy successfully closed at Zhejiang University, China

    14th October 2021

    The 5th International Training Workshop of Waste to Energy opened at Zhejiang University, China

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