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  • Waste Management

    Waste Management is devoted to the presentation and discussion of information on solid waste generation, characterization, minimization, collection, separation, treatment and disposal, as well as manuscripts that address waste management policy, education


    Waste Management is devoted to the presentation and discussion of information on solid waste generationcharacterizationminimizationcollectionseparationtreatment and disposal, as well as manuscripts that address waste management policyeducation, and economic and environmental assessments. The journal addresses various types of solid wastes including municipal (e.g., residential, institutional, commercial), agricultural and special (e.g. construction and demolition, household hazardous, sewage sludge, and non-hazardous industrial) wastes.

    We welcome both fundamental and applied research that can be related to problems of interest to solid waste researchers, practitioners and/or policy makers. Well documented case studies will be considered but they must describe results that can be applied beyond the specific location of the case study. Manuscripts that focus on the use of a waste material in a new product are often more suitable for a journal that focuses on the material properties of the product. In considering whether a manuscript is suitable for publication in Waste Management, consider whether the information is of potential use to solid waste researchers, practitioners and/or policymakers.
    The following are some of the major areas in which papers are solicited:

    Generation and characterization
    • Minimization
    • Recycling and reuse
    • Storage, collection, transport, and transfer
    • Treatment (mechanical, biological, chemical, thermal, other)
    • Landfill disposal
    • Environmental assessments
    • Economic analysis
    • Policy and regulations
    • Education and training
    • Planning


    The Editorial Group is currently comprised of the Editor-in-chief and 8 Associate Editors, profiles of the Editorial Group can be viewed here.



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