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  • Latest News and Policy

    Latest News and Policy

    24th February 2024

    Emphasis on collaborative disposal, waste incineration is in the C position! The first relevant national standards will be implemented

    19th February 2024

    The guest lineup and detailed schedule of the Suzhou Municipal Solid Waste Classification and Treatment and Resource Utilization Conference are announced, and meet in Suzhou from March 1st to 3rd

    9th February 2024

    The connotation and classification of low value recyclable materials

    7th February 2024

    Current status and prospects of waste/agricultural methane emission control and resource utilization

    6th February 2024

    The world's first 150,000-ton biomass gasification project to prepare green methanol was signed in Ruichang, Jiujiang.

    2nd February 2024

    How to make high-value use of low-value recyclables

    30th January 2024

    Analysis on the Development Status of Biodiesel Industry

    18th January 2024

    Preparation of Fe-Co Bimetallic Catalyst and Study on the Performance of CO2 Hydrogenation

    14th January 2024

    Focus interview: Where the waste photovoltaic modules flow

    11th January 2024

    Expert opinion According to local conditions to promote the classification of domestic waste to improve the quality and efficiency

    5th January 2024

    The contract for the waste incineration power generation project for the fiscal year 2023 has been awarded! Who is the top contractor for the project?

    3rd January 2024

    Xu Haiyun: Domestic waste incineration with industrial solid waste is the trend

    29th December 2023

    Yangzhou is honored as a Role Model City for Urban Ecosystems Restoration, providing the Yangzhou Plan for global urban governance and ecological restoration

    27th December 2023

    The treatment of garbage leachate

    23rd December 2023

    2023 A Turning Point in the Environmental Protection Industry

    20th December 2023

    Where does the Waste Photovoltaic Module Flow?

    18th December 2023

    The 28th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP28) concluded in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

    14th December 2023

    Future development trend of landfill leachate under low carbon background

    9th December 2023

    The alloy catalyzes CO2 to CH4, and the conversion rate is 98%!

    6th December 2023

    Photocatalytic CO2 to CO, the selectivity is nearly 100%, and the yield is increased by 20 times!

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