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  • Latest News and Policy

    Latest News and Policy

    5th July 2024

    Several Insights from Practitioners in the Solid Waste Industry on Innovative Thinking in the Solid Waste Industry

    3rd July 2024

    Where is the sinking environmental business heading?

    28th June 2024

    "Heaven"! Key progress has been made in biofuels

    25th June 2024

    Ugandan women turn agricultural waste into biofuel to save trees

    21st June 2024

    Oxygen vacancy regulates the strong metal-carrier interaction of Ru/TiO2

    18th June 2024

    Guangdong electric power futures contract design has been completed.

    14th June 2024

    Classification can reduce dioxin emissions from municipal solid waste incineration

    11th June 2024

    Cost calculation and prediction of producing green methanol by CO2 hydrogenation

    8th June 2024

    Practical dilemma and optimization path of municipal solid waste classification

    5th June 2024

    Study on dioxin emission rule and deep control technology of waste incineration

    1st June 2024

    Beijing, Haikou, Hohhot...... A number of urban construction waste disposal problems were named by environmental inspectors

    28th May 2024

    5 billion Investment! 5000t/d waste incineration power generation! Publicity of a large circular economy industrial park in Wuhan.

    24th May 2024

    The world's largest sludge incineration project - Dongguan sludge treatment project

    22nd May 2024

    Analysis of the Development Trends of China's Waste to Energy Incineration Industry

    17th May 2024

    TSMC's headquarters is stinking because of this largest garbage mountain in China

    14th May 2024

    Global ranking report on plastic waste export and import

    11th May 2024

    Suez signed three major cooperation agreements during his visit to president, China | Join hands with Chinese partners to create a low-carbon future.

    10th May 2024

    Zhongneng built a million tons of green methanol project and added green jet fuel!

    27th April 2024

    The International Energy Agency released the 2023 Annual CO2 Emission Report

    24th April 2024

    Discussion on development opportunities and countermeasures of building solid waste resource industry

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