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  • Latest News and Policy

    Latest News and Policy

    15th January 2023

    U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) issued the Roadmap for Decarbonization Industry

    15th January 2023

    Overview of Waste to Energy Market in 2022

    4th January 2023

    Top 10 events of SUS Environment in 2022

    30th December 2022

    Discussion on Quantitative calculation of greenhouse gas emissions in solid waste industry -- taking incineration plant as an example

    30th December 2022

    The No.10 boiler of the domestic garbage power generation project with the largest daily processing capacity under Guangzhou Environmental Protection Investment Group completed the "72+24 hours" full

    29th December 2022

    Top 10 most concerned policies in the field of solid waste in 2022

    18th December 2022

    The U.S. National Ignition Facility achieves fusion ignition

    9th December 2022

    The Balinghengyi combination plant for the manufacture of synthetic ammonia as a byproduct and the upgrading of standards for hydrogen production from conventional coal were both placed into operation

    7th December 2022

    Training Workshop of Waste to Energy for North Africa

    27th November 2022

    Study on Environmental Management and Market Change of hazardous waste in China from 2016 to 2021

    25th November 2022

    Greece plans to develop large-scale photovoltaic hydrogen production project

    19th November 2022

    Jiangmen issued the Special Plan for Environmental Sanitation of Jiangmen (2021-2035)

    19th November 2022

    Policies help the development of the industry, waste incineration power generation development prospects are broad

    13th November 2022

    Sludge Disposal: More Than Resourcing

    10th November 2022

    Waste to Energy: Miniature, Synergistic or Cross-industry?

    3rd November 2022

    The closing ceremony of the 6th International Training Workshop of Waste to Energy held successfully

    24th October 2022

    Wonderful presentations by experts of ICCWtE

    20th October 2022

    Together for a Sustainable Future -The 6th International Training Workshop of Waste to Energy successfully opened

    12th October 2022

    Bulletin of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Rural Development: the harmless treatment rate of MSW is 99.88%, and incineration accounts for 68.1%

    9th October 2022

    How can MSW incineration power plants enhance carbon reduction benefits?

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