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  • Latest News and Policy

    Latest News and Policy

    26th August 2023

    This 5000 tons/day WTE project is listed as the world's most representative building!

    22nd August 2023

    In the third anniversary of "double carbon", China has achieved these important results!

    11th August 2023

    Biochar: A Sustainable Negative Carbon Tool for Improving Saline Soil Health

    9th August 2023

    Complete set of technologies for sludge treatment and disposal, as well as resource and energy recovery and utilization

    3rd August 2023

    The ideal of "Zero Waste"

    31st July 2023

    Hangzhou Asian Games will become the first large-scale "Zero Waste" event in the world

    22nd July 2023

    Professor Katharina Kohse-Höinghaus, Academician of German National Academy of Sciences and Engineering, visited Zhejiang University

    19th July 2023

    Technical analysis and research progress of CO2 hydrogenation to low-carbon olefins

    16th July 2023

    Green hydrogen project downstream how to consume

    12th July 2023

    Current hot issues of garbage classification and resource utilization

    8th July 2023

    County small and medium-sized domestic waste incineration project research and investment model innovation

    5th July 2023

    "Burning the county" nearly half a year, the country released how many county waste incineration treatment projects? How's it going?

    30th June 2023

    New Exploration on the Operation Supervision Model of Domestic Waste Treatment Facilities

    28th June 2023

    Current situation and problem analysis of Hazardous waste recycling in the context of classification

    23rd June 2023

    Does the classification of kitchen waste rely on economic means?

    21st June 2023

    Does the kitchen waste need to be sorted completely?

    18th June 2023

    Maintain zero tariffs on coal imports and do an excellent task of stabilising prices and ensuring energy supply

    16th June 2023

    The world's first 500,000-ton CO2 methanol project

    10th June 2023

    Cu-Zn-based alloy/oxide interfaces for enhanced electroreduction of CO2 to C2+ products

    7th June 2023

    Case Study on Anaerobic Biogas Residue Treatment of Kitchen Waste

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