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  • Latest News and Policy

    Latest News and Policy

    20th September 2022

    Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development:More than 297 cities at the prefecture level have implemented garbage sorting,which covered 150 million households

    14th September 2022

    Analysis of subsidy policy change and influence of waste incineration power generation project

    26th August 2022

    3rd International Young Scientists Symposium on Waste Management and Disposal Technology was successfully held

    22nd August 2022

    The United States has become the second country in the world with Internet information on waste incineration

    26th July 2022

    China Tianying Inc. signed the design and procurement contract of 330million for Maldives waste incineration power generation project

    25th July 2022

    China Tianying Inc. held a symposium with the University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the energy investment committee of the China Investment Association on the establishment of a "zero carb

    24th July 2022

    China Tianying Inc. signed a $100million cooperation agreement with Energy Vault

    17th July 2022

    The progressive conference of the National Key Research and Development Project of China (High-efficiency gasification of organic solid wastes and in-depth product utilization technology and equipmen

    10th July 2022

    2021-2022 China-Japan High-level Expert Symposium on Energy Transition

    10th July 2022

    Where is the waste of nucleic acid testing in China

    20th June 2022

    0.42kg wet waste +0.60kg dry waste per capita per day -- some information from the analysis of MSW data in Shanghai in 2021

    26th May 2022

    From "Waste-Free City" to "Waste-Free Society"— Expert Opinion from Academician Du Xiangwan, China

    21st May 2022

    2022 WtERT Asia Meeting successfully held online

    17th May 2022

    Call for participants 6th International Training Workshop of Waste to Energy

    3rd May 2022

    Sanfeng Covanta Company signs a contract for a waste incineration power generation project in Hanoi, Vietnam

    5th April 2022

    Four categories of pollutants are defined as new pollutants

    29th March 2022

    Pain points and future development suggestions of waste plastic recycling

    16th March 2022

    Concern: Sludge has become the focus of the Two Sessions. According to the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, the central budget will be arranged to support the issue

    2nd March 2022

    Congratulations! Prof. Mika has been elected as a chairperson of the International Standardization Task Committee 300 (ISO/TC 300) Solid recovered materials

    28th February 2022

    The Ministry of ecology and environment officially issued a document to include

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