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  • Latest News and Policy

    Latest News and Policy

    5th July 2023

    "Burning the county" nearly half a year, the country released how many county waste incineration treatment projects? How's it going?

    30th June 2023

    New Exploration on the Operation Supervision Model of Domestic Waste Treatment Facilities

    28th June 2023

    Current situation and problem analysis of Hazardous waste recycling in the context of classification

    23rd June 2023

    Does the classification of kitchen waste rely on economic means?

    21st June 2023

    Does the kitchen waste need to be sorted completely?

    18th June 2023

    Maintain zero tariffs on coal imports and do an excellent task of stabilising prices and ensuring energy supply

    16th June 2023

    The world's first 500,000-ton CO2 methanol project

    10th June 2023

    Cu-Zn-based alloy/oxide interfaces for enhanced electroreduction of CO2 to C2+ products

    7th June 2023

    Case Study on Anaerobic Biogas Residue Treatment of Kitchen Waste

    1st June 2023

    The Development Status and Prospects of Green Ammonia Technology

    31st May 2023

    Promote central enterprises to increase their hydrogen energy layout efforts

    26th May 2023

    The on-grid electricity data of 63 waste incineration power generation projects in Zhejiang Province in the fourth quarter of 2022 was exposed!

    24th May 2023

    Zhou Kang on the future layout of China's environmental protection, county waste incineration power generation project is one of the key

    6th May 2023

    The number of chemicals controlled by POPs Convention has increased to 34

    4th May 2023

    Ten-year changing history of waste incineration in China

    28th April 2023

    The Current Situation of Environmental Protection in China

    28th April 2023

    Advantages and disadvantages of compulsory allocation and storage of new energy

    22nd April 2023

    Design of collaborative drying system for sludge incineration

    19th April 2023

    A New Attempt to Utilize Fly Ash from Domestic Waste Incineration: Fly Ash Modified Dry Desulfurization Technology

    14th April 2023

    Market Trends and Prospects for China's Hydrogen Energy in 2023

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