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  • What We Do

    ICCWtE will offer the following services (not limited to) to developing countries, from a professional standpoint:

    [Consultancy on a WtE project]: advice on the technology selection, business model etc.

    [Advice on policy in WtE]: experience of governmental policies in other countries

    [Advice on how to overcome the NIMBY effect]

    [Dissemination of scientific and technological knowledge]: waste management strategy, WtE technology and project, standards of WtE projects in different countries

    [Technical training or lectures]: scientific or technical training, lectures or guidance regarding WtE, upon request, or promotion of getting training opportunities in leading enterprises in developed countries

    [Bridges between developing and developed countries]: establishment of bridges between developed and developing countries to promote mutual visit, international technology transfer and project cooperation etc.

    [Education and Academic]: attempt to provide opportunities of doing master or PhD projects in developed countries (or China) for students from developing countries; promotion of academic exchange, communication and visit between developing and developed countries

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