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  • DIOXIN2021 held successfully in Tianjin, China

    DIOXIN2021 TIANJIN (www.dioxin2021.org) is being convened in Tianjin from November 8 to 11, 2021 (Beijing time). This year makes the 41st conference on halogenated persistent organic pollutants. The conference is hosted by the Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and is held in a hybrid format, combining on-site events with an online platform for remote attendees.


    Prof. Xiaodong Li from Zhejiang University, Chair of the International Consultant Committee of Waste to Energy (ICCWtE), attended this conference on-site with his team and delivered a keynote report entitled “Online Monitoring of PCDD/Fs Based on TD-GC-REMPI-TOFMS System”, which introduced the research progress and related achievements of dioxin online monitoring system.


    Prof. Masaki Takaoka from Kyoto University, a member of the ICCWtE, also attended the conference online and gave a keynote speech on “The Use of XAFS to Investigate the de novo Formation of Dioxins”, which received a strong response and keen attention from the participating scholars.


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