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  • Analysis of the Causes and Solutions to the Problem of Delayed Cleaning and Transportation of Domestic Garbage Taking Beijing as an Example

    All cities across the country adhere to the guidance of party building, with communities as the focus, the people as the main body, joint construction, governance and sharing, and promote garbage classification work according to local conditions. Starting from the construction of the legal system, improvement of the system, government promotion, and public participation, garbage classification work has achieved good results, living environment continues to improve, and urban quality continues to improve.

    With the continuous promotion of garbage classification work, the level of refined management in cities is constantly improving, and residents' requirements for living environments are constantly increasing. Some problems such as delayed garbage removal are gradually becoming prominent, mainly manifested in the insufficient cleaning of garbage at the domestic garbage disposal stations in residential communities, resulting in overflowing garbage bins and dirty surrounding sanitation. According to the analysis of residents' demand data and on-site inspection and research, the main reasons for the problem of delayed garbage removal are as follows:

    (1)       The person in charge of household waste classification management failed to fulfill their responsibilities effectively for a long time.

    (2)       Inadequate connection between household waste collection and transportation.

    (3)       Insufficient emergency response capabilities.

    (4)       There are unfounded or unreasonable complaints.


    In order to deepen the promotion of household waste classification and focus on solving the prominent problem of "untimely garbage cleaning and transportation" around the people, since 2021, Beijing has included the special treatment work of untimely garbage cleaning and transportation in "handling complaints immediately" and "one question per month". After centralized management, the number of claims for delayed garbage removal decreased from 5803 in January 2021 to 1119 in December, a decrease of 80%. According to the third-party evaluation of the Beijing Municipal Reform Special Group on "Handling Complaints Immediately", the public satisfaction rate for the treatment of untimely garbage removal is 95.67%, ranking first among the 27 "one question per month" special treatment projects in the city in 2021.

    In 2022, the Beijing Municipal Urban Management Commission will further deepen its efforts to address the untimely disposal of garbage.


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